Software Development

TP produces ready-made software products in selected business areas and undertakes the development of bespoke, tailor-made software solutions, in a variety of platforms, including desktop, web and mobile apps, cloud solutions (microservices, serverless computing), data warehouses, and data lakes, and integration with existing systems through APIs (legacy or not).

Blockchain – NFTs & Metaverse

We focus on the development of Blockchain applications mainly through the use of smart contracts and Ethereum Virtual Machines. We introduce innovative algorithms in NFTs and the ecosystem of Metaverse. We apply sophisticated software development techniques for Blockchain-based product development and decision support.

Business Process Mining

TP offers holistic solutions for Business Process Mining using innovative software tools coupled with advanced AI/ML techniques. State of the art algorithms are utilized to support process mining steps for Process Discovery, Conformance Checking, Process Enhancement & Optimization with significant decision support.

Digital Twins – Simulations & Serious Games

We utilize DT models to provide a representation of the physical world in digital form. We are particularly interested in building graphical twins of machines, parts, spaces (e.g. hospitals, ports, factories) aiming at offering training capabilities and decision support through simulations and serious games.

Visualization & Analytics

We provide ready-made and custom visualization and analytics platforms that depict information using a variety of presentation styles, including the analysis of figures, graphs and a set of smart algorithms for predicting trends and user-defined metrics.

Smart Data Processing

We are able to provide smart data processing techniques such as data ingestion, data aggregation of an enormous variety of structured, unstructured and semi-structured datasets, knowledge-based meta-data representation techniques for the conversion of raw into smart data.


Below you can find some of the products developed by Techpanik:

Blockchain-based Waste Management

Blockchain-based Waste Management is a web solution that provides an overview and crucial analytics for a company that manages waste management for management purposes.

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In collaboration with Aratos Maritime


dSample is an integrated system that utilizes Blockchain and Smart Tag Identification technologies to manage and monitor the process of securing liquid or solid sampling in vessels.

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The main idea is the integration of NFC and Blockchain Technologies for monitoring maintenance and inspections of mooring ropes installed on vessels through a mobile application.

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dSpares aims to achieve real-time monitoring and tracking of goods inside of storage areas of ports or vessels. This can be established with the utilization of smart tags.

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ERP/CRM Software System

By combining the functionalities of a recommender system, an ERP system, and a CRM system into a single platform, the system provides businesses with a comprehensive toolset for managing their operations and driving growth.

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Why Us

Our company consists of a group of experts both from Academia and Industry on every field that we offer services on. Our goal is to keep up with the rapid evolution of the ICT technology and offer the most advanced technological solutions to our customers based on their needs.



The Academic group of TECHPANIK will focus on keeping up to the emergence advancement of the technological solutions and consult the company members regarding the newest technologies



The industrial group of TECHPANIK will focus on establishing partnerships with other companies, and ensure that the company keeps up with other competitors regarding the services we offer.



We strongly believe that by bridging the gap between Academia and Industry, we will be able to offer advanced technological solutions to cutting-edge technologies of ICT. In addition, we will always be open to new technological solutions that will lead to the consistent evolution of our services.